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Persona -trinity soul- 09

Once again I am late, but I’ll be working in catching up.

This episode was all about a little outing that Shin has with Eiko. It shows some cute flashbacks of their relationship together, but the big things that are revealed in this episode don’t really involve Eiko or Shin that much.

We find out a little more about Jun again, though it is not about his powers or persona. This reveals the mystery of Yuki appearing through Jun’s body. Apparently when the brothers were younger there was a terrible accident that put Yuki and Jun in the hospital. Yuki was fatally wounded while Jun has a severe head injury. It was either lose both siblings or sacrifice Yuki to save Jun. Thus Ryou had to make the difficult decision, being the oldest, of putting some of Yuki’s brain into Jun in order to save one. This explains a little of why Jun is capable of talking to Yuki or channel her. This might also explain a little bit of his power. Yuki’s brain matter may not be the only residing aspect of his twin sister. A lingering soul may be present, but that is sheer speculation.


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Persona -trinity soul- 08

We, once again, get to see Jun in action. This whole episode revolves around a new transfer student named Mayuri. She has a past with Kanaru and both Shin and Jun feel they have met her before. We find out that Kanaru likes Shin and Takuro likes Megumi. Megumi kind of displays feelings towards Takuro and Shin returns them a bit to Kanaru, but we can’t tell if the two actually return the feelings yet.

With the coming of the Mayuri, strange things that happening around the school. Tree limbs and metal bars twist like springs and solid objects slide through each other and stay in put. People link these occurrences to Mayuri or possibly to an unknown ghost without any evidence, but Shin and Jun determine that it might be a persona rather than a ghost. So the group sneaks into school after hours to scout it out. Things start happening and in the confusion they see Mayuri coughing on the floor. Without question they tend to her, but Jun has gone to deal with other matters.

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Persona -trinity soul- 07

This episode was pretty cool because it got me to respect Megumi a little more. The story was all about why Megumi hates personas and shadow pulling/extraction and whatnot. The group, Jun, the girl from the hospital that was on Ryou’s list, and some random guy from some cafe or something went on a trip to a beach side house. On the way there, the girl from the hospital (bear with me with people I don’t care to learn the names of) remembers doing a shadow extraction with Kanaru. This irritates Megumi and she goes off on another little tangent but when a truck passes by their car she has a flashback to a former time in a vehicle and completely forgets what she was talking about. Whenever she remembers this past event her eyes widen and she perks up; simultaneously Jun does the same.

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Persona -trinity soul- 06

This episode wasn’t good for anything but a quick laugh and another look at Jun’s power. Apparently Jun’s power expands beyond sensing personas like I first thought. He ca, I guess, intercept radio waves and overhear whispers or something. Because when Shin, Jun, and that afro guy were all at an event in the park honoring the chief for a day, Jun overheard the police talking about the kidnapping trade off that would be going on under the wraps. The story was that two kids were kidnapped and the ransom trade off was to be done, in secret, at this event for the cheif for the day, but the person who was supposed to be chief for the day was unable to come. Thus there was a sudden emphasis on continuing the event as planned. So the police force stumble across Megumi, who was returning a lost wallet, and Kanaru, who was lost in the city. The same two girls that were in the karaoke incident. What was peculiar about Kanaru was that she was the girl who is immune to the persona invoking drugs or whatever and the reason she was lost is because she blanked out and came too in a part of the city she wasn’t so familiar with. This made me raise an eyebrow, but I am not sure what to expect of it. The police were unsure about letting them take the place as cheif for the day, but decided to anyways because of their vehemence against kidnapping. When the two are on the stage the detective that was on the case of the karaoke incident said they’d probably be fine and it flashed a shot of the karaoke room covered in blood. These two (or one of the two) have a special power. (more…)

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Persona -trinity soul- 05

This episode wasn’t all that exciting either. I am not really losing interest in the show, but I am wishing it could pick up the pace a bit. Basically all we see in Jun’s emerging powers and a conflict with an enemy persona user. Jun walks out of the house again, but this time it’s because he can feel a voice that’s in pain. Shin catches up to him and decides to follow the voice too, even though he can’t hear it until they get right outside what looks like an old abandoned club of some kind. He tells Jun to wait and when he goes in he sees a young man having his persona quell another one. The second persona is protruding from the guy’s persona’s stomach and the escaping one is writhing in pain. This persona is identified shortly as belonging to Okazaki Takashi who was mentioned earlier in the episode as one of the people that has gone missing and also Shin’s afro buddy’s friend. The man that has eaten the persona says that he must kill the owner in order to get the persona unlike Shin. This doesn’t make sense to Shin, but it registered to me. Shin’s ability to poison/nullify other personas is actually severing them from the owners. I’m guessing he severes the persona from the owner’s brain and heart alike which normally the only way to remove a persona is to kill them. At the very beginning of the episode it mentioned that severing from the heart is normally impossible. This fact was stated while some mysterious people were performing experiments on persona users. (more…)

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Persona -trinity soul- 04

I must admit I wasn’t entirely into this episode, not because it wasn’t a good episode, but because sci-fi’s animonday was airing an awesome Ninja Scroll movie. That’s beside the point though. This episode was more a setup one that any. There were no emerging personas until the very end and that wasn’t for battle.

Ryou has looked up places for Shin and Jun to move to and is leaving it to them to decide. But Jun seems to want to pull them all together while Shin just wants to know why they have to leave. During all this Shin is still hassling with the request from the detective. Shin has found Ryou’s list and even copies it over to his thumb drive, but by the end of the episode he tells the detective that no such list is present. (more…)

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Persona -tinity soul- 03

Confusing, confusing, confusing. The episode starts off with what I thought was a rape but turned out to be a forced shadow pulling. This shadow pull resulted in a destroyed karaoke room, a bunch of passed out / dead teens, and a bloody mess on the walls. We do not know what happens in the room but can assume that a persona caused the damage. The owner of that persona is most likely one of the two girls. One being immune to the drugs that evoke personas since birth (we find that out later) and the other having passed out immediately prior to the attack. This was something I missed. I didn’t seem to catch on that people that use personas take drugs in order to call on them, unless they are a natural like Shin and most likely his new buddy. (more…)

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