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New Location

Even though my one reader already knows that I have moved, since I am now a writer on my one reader’s blog, I feel obligated to create a post regarding my relocation.

So! I have moved to Yukan Blog!

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call it a complete move, since I will still be keeping this blog up, but the majority of my writings will be displayed at the new location. Feel free to pop in and read mine or the other fun people’s reviews.


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Okay, so I am not the best candidate for blogging. I cannot keep up with the animes I watch so I’ll be making things easier on myself.

Let’s be serious. The only people that read this blog are blissmo and possibly my friend from school. I’m not about to take it upon myself to write into thin air. So I’ll be knocking Shugo Chara! and Minami-ke ~Okawari~ off of the registrar. I don’t know if I’ll even continue watching the Okawari anyways; it’s that bad.

From here on It’ll be Persona -trinity soul-, One Piece Arcs, this last coming episode of True Tears, and completed series. I’m going to actually try my hand at personal life writing too. So to my 1, maybe 2 readers, I won’t apologize because I know you won’t miss what I have to say about those two shows.

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I can’t believe the site automatically puts a first post up for you. That’s kind of demanding and embarrassing. They expect too much of me. What if I didn’t want to give an introduction? What if I just wanted to cut straight to the chase? Or maybe I just wanted to go to sleep and not even post anything tonight. (more…)

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