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Even though my one reader already knows that I have moved, since I am now a writer on my one reader’s blog, I feel obligated to create a post regarding my relocation.

So! I have moved to Yukan Blog!

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call it a complete move, since I will still be keeping this blog up, but the majority of my writings will be displayed at the new location. Feel free to pop in and read mine or the other fun people’s reviews.


True Tears 13

True TearsĀ 13

Wow. I really liked the episode even though Noe wasn’t picked. Speaking of which, let me get that outa the way. Noe wasn’t picked, Noe wasn’t picked, Noe wasn’t picked, Noe wasn’t picked, Noe wasn’t picked, No- Noe… wasn’t picked, Noe was…n’t…. picked. ::sniff:: wow, Noe wasn’t picked!?!?

Okay I got my frustration out of the way. Even though I am still in completely unnecessary shock, I found it fine that Hiromi was chosen – just as she was destined to be chosen from the start. I was so relieved to find that Noe’s fall wasn’t fatal or too serious. Jun pointed out something interesting. He commented on how snow can be good. This might show that his time was Hiromi impacted him in some way. Not to say he actually liked her, just that he was touched by her. Then again, this was the last episode so speculation is kinda pointless here now isn’t it?
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Okay, so I am not the best candidate for blogging. I cannot keep up with the animes I watch so I’ll be making things easier on myself.

Let’s be serious. The only people that read this blog are blissmo and possibly my friend from school. I’m not about to take it upon myself to write into thin air. So I’ll be knocking Shugo Chara! and Minami-ke ~Okawari~ off of the registrar. I don’t know if I’ll even continue watching the Okawari anyways; it’s that bad.

From here on It’ll be Persona -trinity soul-, One Piece Arcs, this last coming episode of True Tears, and completed series. I’m going to actually try my hand at personal life writing too. So to my 1, maybe 2 readers, I won’t apologize because I know you won’t miss what I have to say about those two shows.

True Tears 12

True Tears 12

Ahhhhh! Don’t do it Noe!

I must say this episode was both good and bad. I found myself hating Shin’ichirou almost as much as I hated Makoto from School Days, but that’s not even remotely important in the grand scheme of things. First off, why does everything have to go so right for everyone but Noe. I don’t care in Shin is thinking things aren’t going smoothly in his life. He might have his little troubles; oh drawing is tough, Mugiha dancing makes me look like my dad, how can I fix things with Noe and Hiromi, why can’t I choose things for myself? I don’t really care about Shin’s problems. Those mood swings of his and such are really taking a tole on the one person that really matter to me, Noe!
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Persona -trinity soul- 09

Once again I am late, but I’ll be working in catching up.

This episode was all about a little outing that Shin has with Eiko. It shows some cute flashbacks of their relationship together, but the big things that are revealed in this episode don’t really involve Eiko or Shin that much.

We find out a little more about Jun again, though it is not about his powers or persona. This reveals the mystery of Yuki appearing through Jun’s body. Apparently when the brothers were younger there was a terrible accident that put Yuki and Jun in the hospital. Yuki was fatally wounded while Jun has a severe head injury. It was either lose both siblings or sacrifice Yuki to save Jun. Thus Ryou had to make the difficult decision, being the oldest, of putting some of Yuki’s brain into Jun in order to save one. This explains a little of why Jun is capable of talking to Yuki or channel her. This might also explain a little bit of his power. Yuki’s brain matter may not be the only residing aspect of his twin sister. A lingering soul may be present, but that is sheer speculation.
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True Tears 11

True Tears 11

Okay so I watched this episode way late because of spring break. I’ve been in Ireland the past week so I didn’t have any chance to watch my anime. I got back not knowing what to watch, but eventually decided on this being the first show I watch after the break.

Episode 11 was good and bad in my opinion. I’d probably describe this episode as being the most beautiful one yet. It had a sort of delicacy to it that made it seem acceptably vulnerable and innocent. This episode shows the aftermath of all the past decisions. Shin’s choosing Hiromi furthered their relationship but forced Noe into a corner. In fact, Shin hadn’t even spoken with Noe for like a week because he had been spending so much time with Hiromi. This affection towards Hiromi had been evident to Noe, but now it had probably become more on a painful truth.
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True Tears 10

True Tears 10

I won’t spend hardly any time writing about this because it will take me some time to get over my “Shin-didn’t-choose-Noe” mood. In short, Noe knows Shin doesn’t like her, Nobuse and Ai break up, Ai says that she is over Shin, and Hiromi moves out which motivates Shin to chase her down on a bike.

I don’t wanna talk about this episode much more other than: Noe is incredibly cute when she eats, claps, and descends stairs. Shin’ichirou is also a shotty cyclist and if you have seen Over Drive you will know that Shinozaki is at least 10 times the man Shin’ichirou is.

Shin better be Noe’s bestest most dear friend after all this! I will kill if she is put out of the picture completely!