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One Piece “Enies Lobby”

*cry* That was the best arc yet. These episodes are probably the reason I still watch anime. One Piece renews my love for many things outside of anime. It lifts my spirits and gives me a positive outlook on life.

This arc was all about Luffy and the crew’s pursuit of Robin. They want their nakama back and Luffy isn’t willing to accept that she’s gone. After storming the government island in Rocketman the entire force (Franky Family and the few Galley La foremen included) make their way into the island to clear a path for the strawhats. The one that makes the biggest impact is, of course, Luffy who wasn’t about to follow the plan and let the Franky Family and Galley La foremen get all the fun. Luffy basically pushes into the heart of the island and takes on the majority of the forces. His first big obstacle is Blueno. (more…)


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One Piece “Water 7″

This was a big arc and a great one too. It’s fairly obvious that I am looking forward to Enies Lobby even more, and I finally made it there!

The Water 7 arc starts with the Strawhats going to Water 7 to set their pose but finding that it is the leading island on shipwrights and carpenters. The island holds the most skilled shipwrights in the world… and who exactly needs a shipwright? But that doesn’t really matter right now because everyone knows that Franky joins the crew, but not in Water 7, towards the end of Water 7 is when he actually starts caring about them. (more…)

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One Piece “Ocean’s Dream”

Finally I have gotten through these stupid, pointless arcs and have reached Water 7, but I’ll leave discussion of Water 7 until after I have finished it.

The majority of the Ocean’s Dream arc was the Strawhats scrambling against a stupid oppenant that eats memories. The arc didn’t really make much sense. One night, when everyone has gone to bed they are stealthily attacked by a young boy with a sea horse shaped flute. Everyone who was asleep, meaning everyone but Robin, loses all their memories up to the point of joining the crew. So Nami thinks she’s still a pirate hating cat burglar, Usopp thinks he is still the leader of his lame little children’s gang, Zoro thinks he’s a bounty hunter, so on and so forth. Robin tries her best to fill them in on their lost memories, but since she joined the crew last it is kinda hard for her. (more…)

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One Piece ‘Davy Back Fight”

I’ll be doing my One Piece blogs in story arcs because it’s just easier on me that way.

Okay so Davy Back Fight was, at first, a fun nonsense filler arc. It benefited the story in no way possible and I was fine with that.

It’s about how the Strawhat Pirates and the Foxy Pirates compete in a Davy Back Fight on Long Ring Long Land (that’s a mouthful of a silly name). A Davy Back Fight is composed of 1,2, or 3 coin games. 1 coin = 1 game, 2 coin = 2 games, 3 coin = 3 games. The concept is that each crew chooses participants to compete in a race, a fight, a variant of dodgeball, and other various things. The winning team then gets to select a crew member from the other team, captains included. The Foxy Pirates first show interest in Chopper and after the Strawhats finally complete the stupid 3 coin game and get Chopper back, which I was incredibly happy to see it end, Luffy accepted another 3 coin game, which pissed me off so much. (more…)

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